12 year
active growth
25,000 dishes are cooked
every day
26 branches
in the republic
more than 3 000 000
guests per year

The history of the creation of the restaurant began in 2006. The former employee of an ordinary burger decided to create his own business and began to implement the idea of ​​fast food.

The first outlet was called Burger, and was opened at a bus stop in the Yunusabad district. In the absence of sitting places, the company worked takeaway for the first four months, so sales were initially low.

However, after six months of work, sitting places appeared in the first outlet. The owner Burger decided to radically change the concept of the institution. Starting a new chapter in the history of the Group of Companies, which owns the EVOS trademark, it was decided to move the kitchen to an open view - so that every passer-by and visitor could personally observe the process of cooking. At that time, Burger was the only metropolitan establishment of this format.

The establishment, which opened in 2006, was a huge success, profits grew, and lavash became one of the most popular fast food dishes. In the meantime, the owner already felt confident enough in the market to think about opening a second outlet. Analyzing the geography of expansion, Tsialkovskaya Street was one of the best options for the new point. In capable hands, the group of companies of rapid torture flourished, and two months later the territory of the new institution was expanded. Now nobody doubted success. Until now, this point is the biggest selling point. Then the name Burger was changed to "Lavash center".

Husamiddin Kayumov began working for the Group of Companies, which owns the EVOS trademark in 2006 as CEO at the Yunusabad point of sale. At the same time, he held not only a management position, but also worked as a supplier. Under his leadership, the group of companies that owns the trademark EVOS now serves more customers by offering more fast food products. In addition, the group of companies, which owns the EVOS trademark, expands the experience of using modern innovations and the fundamental commitment to creating excellent fast food restaurants. According to Khusamiddin Kayumov, to be a positive leader, you must have leadership qualities, such as respecting colleagues and visitors, inspiring employees, being attentive listeners, making decisions quickly and efficiently, and, of course, being multi-tasking.

Rakhmonali Khamraliyev - CEO of the Group of Companies, which owns the EVOS trademark. He began his career at a sales outlet on Tsialkovsky as a cashier and worked in several branches as a manager. From 2016-2018 he headed the marketing department. According to him, the group of companies that owns the EVOS trademark is a place that has thousands of opportunities to achieve its goals. His motto: "Self-development is the main aspect in achieving a career goal."

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