Evos company exists on the market since 2006 and today is represented by 27 branches throughout the country. Based on many years of successful work experience, the company states with confidence that the basic principles of the Quality and Safety Policy are  provides consumers with products and services that fully meet the expectations and requirements of the client, as well as the implementation of the state policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of food safety and quality standards .

The most important strategic goal of Evos is to consistently confirm its leading position in the market of services provided by constantly studying market demands, expanding the range of products, improving its quality and safety, as well as further developing the company through business diversification, which will achieve significant growth in economic indicators .

As part of the Quality and Safety Policy, Evos management sets goals:

  • accurate and complete definition of customer requirements, as well as anticipating customer expectations;
  • ensuring security and maintaining guaranteed quality in accordance with the regulatory and legislative requirements of the Republic of Uzbekistan, by improving each stage of the technological process, the monitoring system and preventive actions;
  • improving the quality of products based on the requirements and expectations of consumers;
  • increase the competitiveness of products;
  • development of relations with partners on the basis of the declared principles in the field of quality and safety, timely fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • staff development and motivation;
  • strengthening the financial and economic position of the enterprise by improving quality and ensuring safety.

Ways to achieve the objectives:

  • continuous research and forecasting of the market for the development of proposals that satisfy the consumer;
  • achieving a stable product quality and keeping it up to date by preventing and identifying non-compliances and eliminating their causes, which impede the production of high-quality and safe products;
  • awareness of the responsibility of management and all employees of the company to consumers and partners for ensuring the understanding and implementation of sanitary norms and rules, protection of health and safety of products;
  • development and implementation of uniform requirements for the quality and safety of products, components and packaging materials, orientation to work with suppliers of high ratings;
  • modernization of technological processes, the use of new technologies and re-equipment of modern equipment;
  • systematic training, professional development and certification of personnel in order to maintain a high level of professionalism and potential of employees;
  • implementation of a competitive pricing policy while maintaining high quality and safety of products through reduction of production costs as a result of improved work organization;
  • informing consumers about all aspects of product safety and regular monitoring of their demands and proposals, maintaining feedback and promptly responding to consumer feedback through the development of various means of communication;
  • maintaining a corporate culture that is understood and shared by all Evos employees.

Evos management undertakes to strictly follow the principles outlined above in solving problems in the field of quality and safety and to create conditions for the implementation of this Policy.

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